My Story

Hey I’m Brock - This is My Story

In the video below I share about losing a loved one to mental illness and how that has led me to start my brand, Sana Days.

It is not easy to reflect and speak about what happened, however I have learnt over the last 8 years that opening up, talking to others and being vulnerable is a sign of strength, not weakness. Speaking about my experience has helped in so many ways and now I want to share this to help others.

After experiencing the devastation of a loved one taking their own life, I want to shed light on mental health and ultimately prevent others from going through what I did. During this time, one of big factors that helped me to clear my mind was exercise and moving my body.

Sana Days main mission is to help and encourage people to feel the benefits that exercise can have on their mental health.

In 2019 I competed in a team triathlon to raise money for Beyond Blue and it was such a feel good experience that I decided I wanted to recreate it for others.

As I have always felt my best mentally, physically & overall when I’m exercising my vision for Sana Days became clear:

"To create initiatives to support your mental health through exercise, events & community”

By purchasing our clothing you will be making a difference!

Not only will you look good by wearing our gear you will create awareness & conversation around mental health. We are providing options for people to exercise, engage with the community and look after their mental health.

If you want to get involved in our events and follow our journey, make sure you follow the social media accounts.

Look after yourself,