Harry Garside - Professional boxer

What do you do to keep active?

Boxing is definitely the thing I do most of in my week. Cardio and weights are also big players for me to ensue I’m fit and healthy and always ready if a competition comes up. I thoroughly enjoy my hard cardio workouts in the morning, these consist of running, rower, bike or swimming. I feel a cardio burn sets me up perfectly for my day. Weights is always midday then boxing in the night.

For me something I realised recently is how important doing things outside of my sport is. I’ve recently taken up ballet, surfing and rock climbing and I absolutely love all 3 things.

How does exercise have an impact on your mental health?

The older I get the more I become of the things that are essential to my wellbeing. Exercise is at the top of the list for me. From a young age it has been the space were I have learnt the most about myself and who I am. It has allowed me to create this unbreakable community of connections with lifelong friends and it has always been the area I've felt most comfortable in my own skin. 

In the world today we often hear all this chatter about mindfulness/meditation and I have always felt exercise is that in its most purest form. We are tuning into what is happening directly in front of us, no phones, no distractions, just you, your breath, your body and a goal to achieve. I always notice my life when I'm on a break from exercise and sport, It is messy and disoriented. So for that reason I like to keep active as it gives me stability in my life. 

2020 was by far the most interesting year I've experienced to date and I'm sure it probably was the same for so many others. 2021 is an opportunity to get up, get moving, meet new people and set some big personal goals. 

If you could give any advice for someone wanting to start training, what would it be?

Set a goal. Obviously starting something new in a new environment is always challenging but the feeling of noticing little steps towards that goal and then achieving that goal is something special.

I’m only young but I always ask myself what role model I am being to those in my circle. Maybe a question to ask yourself, what type of role model are you being for your kids, partner, family or friends?